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We will cover interactive case interview samples provided by consulting firms, video case interview examples, case books, and materials.
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Ask good questions to clarify and show your understanding of the problem. Analyze the problem.

Who Uses This Style of Interviewing?

Pause and take time to think about how you will approach the problem. Silence is okay!

Case Interview General

Structure an answer. Write out your method for solving the problem.

Use examples from in and outside the classroom to show insight. Share your answer.

Consulting case interview prep to help you land a consulting job

Talk through your approach using key points to guide you. Summarize your findings. Provide a conclusion that restates your main points.

Use this general timeline and the resources below to structure your practice: As early as possible : Read the case resources Case in Point and the Vault Guide to the Case Interview. Coordinate an informational interview with a Georgetown alum working in consulting. Use Hoya Gateway to get connected. Sign up for a mock interview to practice your behavioral interview skills these are important too! Use your analytical and communication skills to show how you would break down the problem.

Make sure you understand the problem you are being asked to analyze. Paraphrase back to the interviewer to make sure you heard them correctly. Take time to collect your thoughts and ask for more time if you need it. Lay out a road map for your interviewer your framework will help here. Think out loud to allow the interviewer to see your analytical skills. Present your thinking in a clear, logical manner. Summarize your recommendations and use examples from your classes, internships, or extra-curricular activities to provide insight beyond the case.

Management consulting case interview example - Vocaprep

Read industry magazines and journals both general and specific. This will navigate you to Accenture.

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Case Interviews at McKinsey, BCG & Bain: The Ultimate Guide

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